Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exercises to Lose Body Fat

Exercises to Lose Body Fat
By Brandon Walsh

Body fat tends to accumulate around the midsection, especially on me. Getting rid of it is a lot harder than gaining it, as most people know.

There is no quick fix, magic pill or magic potion that will allow you to drop weight.

The only thing that really works-short of liposuction surgery-is exercises to lose body fat.

Basically, hard work, determination and buckets of sweat are the only way to achieve your weight loss goals.

But what are the best exercises to lose body fat?

Popular belief has been in years past, that in order to drop weight, you needed to concentrate on aerobic exercise.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with aerobic exercise, since you will lose weight, if you want to lose weight fast, the best exercises to lose body fat are in the resistance training categories.

Your body is like a machine. For instance, if you owned a car, which car would suck more gas-a four cylinder jalopy or an eight cylinder sports car?

The answer is obvious. The sports car can go faster, but it would suck more gas.

Your body works in much the same way.

In order to burn more calories, you need to pack on some muscle.

So in order to build muscle, you have to look at resistance training, and which exercises are best for building muscle.

The Squat

The squat is phenomenal for building muscles.

It works your entire core area (tops of legs to your chest) better than any other exercise known to man. Serious weight lifters rely on the squat heavily to train, and you should too.

If you`re looking for exercises to lose fat, the squat should be your first stop on the weight loss train.

The Lunge and Curl

The lunge by itself is a great tool for building muscle and burning fat, but try doing a lunge with two hand weights in your hands, and doing a curl when you're down in the lunge position.

It's taxing, and far more difficult than it appears.

However, just like the squat, this exercise works a lot of different muscle groups at the same time, which means you not only get the most out of your workout, but your building muscle faster.

And that is good news if you're looking for exercises to lose fat!

Start out with these two fat burning exercises, and go from there.

By using these two fat burning miracle exercises, you'll find that your dropping weight, feeling healthier and more confident every day.

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150 ping list

150 ping list

Ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network; it is also used to self test the network interface card of the computer, or as a speed test. It works by sending ICMP “echo request” packets to the target host and listening for ICMP “echo response” replies. Ping estimates the round-trip time, generally in milliseconds, records any packet loss, and prints a statistical summary when finished.
  2. http://api.feedster.comping
  5. http://bblog.comping.php
  6. http://www.bitacoles.netping.php
  14. http://www.blogsnow.comping
  18. http://coreblog.orgping/
  21. http://www.mod-pubsub.orgping.php
  34. http://rpc.technorati.comping
  37. http://thingamablog.sourceforge.netping.php
  40. http://xping.pubsub.comping/
  83. http://bblog.comping.php
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to Speed Up Firefox

How to Speed Up Firefox
By Mike Man

Firefox is a great browser. It is the first to give Internet Explorer a run for its money. According to W3Schools, Firefox has over 40 percent of the browser market.

This is due in part to its usability, flexibility and speed. Although Firefox is a fast browser there are ways to make it even faster. We will show you several ways to maximize Firefox's performance.

Disable History Cache

Every time you visit a page Firefox saves the page so when you press the back button the page will display right away. To disable this type "about:config" in the address bar. Do a search for browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers. Double-click on browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers and change the -1 to 0. Remember that this will slow down how fast pages come up when you press the back button.

Only Keep the Extensions You Need

When you have a lot of extensions in Firefox your computer needs to load the extensions to memory for when needed. The fore extensions you have, the more Firefox becomes. Go to Tools the Add-ons. Remove the extensions that you are not using. There is a possibility that one extension is causing the problem. To see if this is the case, start Firefox in safe mode. Go to the run command in Windows and type "firefox.exe -safe-mode". Once you click on OK, Firefox will start without skins or extensions.

Change the Number of Connections

The more connections you have going out for information the faster the page will load. To increase the amount of connections Firefox uses type "about:config" in the address bar. Find and change the following:

content.interrupt.parsing - true

content.max.tokenizing.time - 2250000

content.notify.interval - 750000

content.notify.ontimer - true

content.switch.threshold - 750000

nglayout.initialpaint.delay - 0

network.http.max-connections - 48

network.http.max-connections-per-server - 16

network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy - 16

network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server - 8

browser.cache.memory.capacity - 65536

When done restart Firefox and check out the difference.

That's it for this one. With these three tips, Firefox should lean and built for speed.

There is a lot more you can do to tweak Firefox.

These are a few of the big ones.

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Substantial Income Opportunity

Substantial Income Opportunity
By Daniel Gebura

Many people have jobs they don't particularly like, many of them are looking for another way to provide themselves with a good living, a way that would prove to be a great substantial income opportunity.

A dream of almost all people is to earn money doing what they like and enjoy income stream coming out of it.

There are many substantial income opportunities out there that will enable you to make extra money that might become a full time income within a years or even months to come.

However if you are looking for income opportunities you need to first establish your goals and decide what kind of lifestyle you want to live in the future and what level of income you expect and finally how much effort you are ready to put into substantial income opportunity to work towards your goals.

Some people get extra jobs to earn extra income, some people decide to open a large business investing loads of money not being quite sure if the business will ever pay off their investments.
Well, maybe these ways work for some people but won't actually give them a freedom as they may have with online substantial income opportunities.

That's right online income opportunity is the easiest one to start with as the Internet developed all over the world and you can use it to your own advantage anytime you want.

Online substantial income opportunity is also the one that gives you flexibility and freedom as you can set your own working hours and do the job without any pressure and interruption.

Now when it comes to find the opportunity right for you, a few most popular of them might be considered:

-Affiliate Marketing
This is substantial income opportunity that enables you to make money selling someone else's products. It's easy and cost effective to start with however it requires some skills and knowledge of how to promote products online and eventually offline in order to generate prospects and close sales.

-MLM Marketing
MLM marketing has proven to be a great income earner for many people all over the world. You can earn money by building a team of people and getting paid from your own and your team efforts.

And here is the trick- the good thing is that MLM marketing has a potential to provide you with substantial, recurring income every month but it's usually takes some time to make it happen.

MLM is all about sponsoring new people to your team and building relationships with them which isn't easy as many of them will be rather skeptical.

That's why mastering some great communication skills is essential to make MLM marketing an substantial income opportunity right for you.

-Online Surveys
You can make money just by giving opinions about various products. There are many companies that will pay you cash or give you points you can redeem for gifts and other goods just for completing simple surveys on their products.

Online surveys maybe won't make you a millions but they can become a solid extra income opportunity. The idea is to sign up for as many survey companies as you can in order to receive more surveys you can participate in.

The above examples are just a few most popular substantial income opportunities from many others you can find online.

It's all about researching, establishing your goals and working towards them by picking the income opportunity that fits your current lifestyle, the amount of time you have on you hands and amount of effort you are ready to put into it

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Internet Safety For Teenagers

Internet Safety For Teenagers

By Sam Dunbar

The period when the child becomes an adolescent is an irksome one because it is then when the children start to transform and become more interested in the world.

Therefore, the body and their mentality are all changing and it is sometimes extremely difficult for them to adapt properly.

They need constant reassurance, support and communication and thus, when they cannot retort to their parents, they look for some online company.

The threats teenagers can encounter are countless on the internet because once they start doing research for their school projects online, nothings will be able to restrict their internet hours and access to different sites.

Unless parent take a pro active stance and manage to block the access to some malicious sites your children will be at risk.

For instance, teenagers might want to play games online, use instant messaging, email people or visit all kinds of popular sites.

They might want to get to have online friends and communicate with them through the various means on the Internet.

Therefore, you must make sure as a parent that they only access the trustful sites and not other things.

The following are some safety tips you might want to consider applying.

Set up rules the child has to adhere to. Discuss the hours when the child is allowed to receive internet access and make sure that you are in close vicinity so that you can always show up and make sure the child stays on the right track.

Teach your children how to make use of the Internet access and show them how to access trustworthy pages and thus, they will not wander around the internet searching for things they aren't supposed to access.

The connection to the Internet can be kept in a place the children don't have easy access to. A security setting might also be fitted to the computer to ensure that the children don't wander around and access the Internet through a mistake.

Make sure you let them know that there are some evil people lurking around the internet, willing to ensnare naive children into online traps.

Things about pornographic websites should be included in your discussion with the children.

Also, it is vitally important to not let slip any personal information perpetrators could use in the detriment of yourself and of the children, therefore make sure your children understand the extreme importance of this aspect.

Let them know that spam messages and adware should be ignored and that no emails received from strangers should be opened.

Chatting to strangers on the internet also poses a certain risk and therefore, you need to safeguard the privacy of your personal information

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to Choose the Right Decorations for your Wedding

How to Choose the Right Decorations for your Wedding

By eHow Weddings Editor

Deciding how to decorate your wedding can be stressful. With so many decisions, from colors to candles, from cakes to table settings, it is easy to get frustrated.

However, once you choose the color of your wedding, you should be able to easily choose the right decorations for your wedding. Follow these steps to choose the right decorations for your wedding.


Pick your color scheme. First things first, you need to decide on your wedding’s color scheme. Most people use the same colors throughout the wedding, from flowers to thank you letters.


Choose a theme. Having a general theme makes decorating easier. Your theme doesn’t have to be anything formal, something simple like whimsical or springtime will help you decide how to decorate for your wedding.


Go to the store. Now that you have your color scheme and general theme, go to the nearest wedding or party store and see what your options are.

You can quickly narrow down your choices by eliminating any decoration that does not match the theme.


Pick your favorite. If something jumps out at you and it comes in the right color, go with it.


Think about accent decorations. Once you have chosen the main decorations, think about accent decorations, flowers and candles.


Buy your decorations. Now that you have the right decorations for your wedding, it is time to make your purchase. You may have to go to several stores to get everything you need.

Useful Tips

  • Use a color wheel to find complimentary colors to your chosen wedding color and add decorations in these colors.

  • Ask a professional wedding planner for help in matching different colors and decorations together or coming up with a theme


  • Never use black or dark decorations as this puts a somber mood on your day of celebration.

  • Before choosing a decoration, make sure you can get other wedding decorations in that color.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pros and cons of the Atkins diet

Pros and cons of the Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is one of the most popular low carbohydrate diets on the market today.

Its popularity has sparked dozens of look-a-like diets who center on the same principles of high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating.

There are a lot of fish in the sea when it comes to choosing a low-carbohydrate plan.

Studies have shown that low-carbohydrate eating has many benefits.

There have been scientific results that low-carbohydrate diets like Atkins do create significant weight loss without having to restrict calories.

People who use the Atkins diet have also reported this.

There are studies that show that low-carb eating improves triclycerides, reduces blood glucose for diabetics and pre-diabetics and increases good cholesterol (HDL).

Low-carbohydrate dieting has been scientifically proven to improve insulin sensitivity, decrease blood pressure and lower blood insulin levels.

When compared with low-fat diets, low-carb dieters lose less muscle mass.

Although not scientifically proven, there are many common benefits reported by Atkins dieters and other low-carb dieters.

These include an increase in energy, a reduced craving for sweets, better concentration, improved mood and an lessening of depression type symptoms.

However, there are also some benefits that are specific to the Atkins diet. If you have been a low fat dieter in previous years, you’ll enjoy eating all of those “forbidden foods” that you once had to go without.

Steak, butter and cream are a regular part of Atkins dieters’ meals.

There is a certain pleasure that goes along with eating foods that were once off limits.

Atkins dieters are encouraged to eat their full of rich meats, cheeses and fats and oils.

Atkins is also simple to use, compared with some other low-carb diets on the market.

There are some basic food carbohydrate counts that you’ll need to learn, but after that, you are free to eat from the acceptable food lists.

Dr. Atkins also emphasized finding your own personal carbohydrate level.

Different people have different levels of carbohydrate tolerance.

While some gain weight on just 90 carbohydrate grams a day, others can live comfortably at 120 carbohydrate grams.

During the ongoing weight loss phase and pre-maintenance phase of the diet, you will learn your personal carbohydrate count that will help determine your carbohydrate goal for life.

The popularity of Atkins is a double-edged sword for dieters.

There is a lot of information available on the diet, which makes it easy to find resources and support.

There have been many, many Atkins books written and there are endless amounts of websites that offer tips and group support.

However, everyone has heard of Atkins and probably has an opinion on it.

There are some big misconceptions out there about the nature of the diet, and you’ll no doubt have to defend your new way of eating from time to time.

There are some other minimal downsides to using the Atkins program.

You do need to count carbohydrates in everything you eat to make sure that you are staying within your personal carbohydrate range.

There is also the issue of Induction, the most hotly debate aspect of the plan. Induction can be difficult to get through if you’ve had a diet that centers on carbs and sugar.

Also, many people try Induction and mistakenly believe that this is the way that the whole diet is going to be.

They end up quitting before they get into the actual Atkins plan.

Sometimes, although it is not common, people will experience a carb crash on the 3rd to 5th day of the diet.

This reaction is a result of their body finally experiencing ketosis, or running on fat instead of carbohydrates.

The effects are transient, but many people have sworn off low-carb diets entirely because of this happenstance.

Overall, with the minor drawbacks considered, Atkins is one of the most popular low-carb diets for a reason.

It works. Thousands of people have had success with the Atkins approach to the low-carb way of living.

The First Five Steps for More Traffic

The First Five Steps for More Traffic

One of the most common needs of site owners is traffic. Without traffic a website barely exists, and we shouldn’t even talk about profit.

We will try to see here the most important steps to attract targeted traffic. Beginners in internet usually make the mistake to want any kind of traffic and therefore they get themselves into programs that offer tens of thousands of hits for their site, but most of them are blind hits.

And after this experience they don’t manage a thing and they give up the idea they could ever do something.

For those who try to learn from they experience, they have to come to the conclusion that the only type of traffic they need is targeted traffic.

They need real interested visitors, not visitors forced by a traffic generating system to enter their site.

So, let’s go over the five steps:

1. Affiliate programs.

These programs consist of giving part of your profit to those who help you sell.

In time you can get a true army of promoters that will advertise for you.

This is done not just for internet sites; it is also done in real life, by big companies.

2. Adding content

Adding high quality content to your site you will make an ideal instrument to always increase traffic.

Search engines provide the highest position to the most relevant site for the given keyword.

So your content must be well thought, containing the terms you are selling or proving many times, but being still easy to read.

3. Creating content materials

While you search for material to add to your site, others are searching for sites that publish content.

Creating some article or newsletter will allow you to add it immediately to your site, but you can also give it to others along with a link to your site.

4. Publishing through Enzines

A good way to achieve a number of loyal visitors is to occasionally announce everyone that chooses to be announced of news and new products.

Publishing quality information in the sent emails will give a boost to your credibility and you will build a serious amount of loyal visitors.

5. Pay per Click Search Engines

When using such engines, you will pay to increase your rank for various keywords used in searches.

If the keywords are chosen properly, you will be paying only for the visitors your are interested in.

Keeping Affiliates Motivated

Keeping Affiliates Motivated

Running affiliates programs is easier than ever with

the software and help available now. However, keeping

your affiliates motivated and selling isn't quite

as easy to do. If the success of your business rests

upon how your affiliates perform, you make want to

provide them with the right tools to get the job

done successfully.

If you are already running an affiliate program for

your products, you should know that a large number of

people who sign up for your program never to be

heard from again. You can however, reduce the number

of non productive affiliates by remaining in touch

with them constantly.

Remind them of their usernames and passwords, and

tell them where to log in to check their stats or

get creative. Always keep them informed of new

product lines or changes in policy or procedures.

The key to motivation is making sure that you stay

in touch. Always pay attention to who your top

sellers are, and make sure that you contact them

on a regular basis. Pay attention to who your worst

producers are, and make sure you stay in touch

with them constantly as well.

The main reason most affiliates don't perform that

well is because they don't possess any leadership

or guidance. This can easily be changed by writing

a marketing course, which you can even offer for

sale to non affiliates, although you should make

it available to your affiliates at no charge.

Keep your creatives and sales copy up to date. You

should also provide new material for your affiliates

to use on a regular basis. Providing them with

nothing but a text link and one banner just

doesn't generate much excitement at all.

Provide your affiliates with sales letters, reviews,

ads, banners of different shapes and sizes, and

anything else that comes to mind. Be sure that your

affiliates know the material is there for them to

use. Always listen to your affiliates, and get

the proper feedback on your material.

You should also hold virtual meetings. Set up chat

rooms where your affiliates can attend virtual

meetings on a weekly basis. Be sure to answer any

questions, have motivated speakers, and aything

else you can think of to make the meetings more


Given your affiliates the credit they deserve is

also very important. Each month, you should give

credit to the best performers in your affiliate

newsletter. Give small bonuses to those that

perform well, and you can even set up a payment

structure that rewards higher commissions and bigger

volumes of sales.

Always make sure you do everything you can to

help your affiliates succeed and make money in

your program. If they are making money - you are

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum removal is a chore that is the stuff of nightmares.

Being a former teacher and a mother of four gum-chewing boys, I can certainly tell you that there is no easy way to remove gum from carpets, furniture or just about any other surface that you face.

This is especially true if the surface is porous.

You may be tempted to spend hours and hours looking for a home remedy chewing gum removal but I can tell you that there is no quick fix.

The only way I have ever effectively gotten rid of this kind of sticky mess without some professional grade product to help me along.

And I’ve tried it all. My kids got a bunch of the sticky candy intertwined within the fabric of my rug.

There was little I could do in this home chewing gum removal project short of cutting the stuff out and that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

My options were pretty vast, too.

The first thing I tried was ice cubes. Sure, this worked for the surface stuff that really didn’t dig into the fabric of the rug.

But when I got down to the nitty-gritty, I was at a loss.

Nothing worked for the really tough sticky stuff caught up in the fibers of my beautiful rug.

I thought that I was going to have to get the scissors out.

There was just no other way to handle this chewing gum removal task. I started to lament at my loss and began looking at throw rugs to cover the awful, sticky mess that has set up camp in my poor, poor rug.

The whole thing was pretty depressing.

Good thing I kept the scissors at bay and decided to check out my options online.

I came across a product that is specially designed for chewing gum removal. I almost wept at the sight of it.

Actually, I did get a little teary. My tears were mixed with relief and a fear of disappointment.

Well, I most certainly wasn’t disappointed in the chewing gum removal product.

My rug looks as good as new and you can’t tell that anything had even happened at all.

Now I am on my way to my former school to share the good news with the administration.

I’m sure that they will be pleased to discover that there is a commercial grade chewing gum removal product that can take the place of the traditional methods.