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Harmful Effects of Passive Smoking

Harmful Effects of Passive Smoking
By April Kerr

Although many people try their best to stay away from the temptations of smoking in order to stay healthy, they could still suffer from its harmful effects just by inhaling second-hand smoke from other smokers' cigarettes.

This is also called as passive smoking, environmental tobacco smoke or ETS, and secondhand smoking.

Passive smoking means the smoke in the environment that is exhaled from the smoker's lungs, or the smoke coming from the smoker's cigarette, pipe or cigar, is being inhaled by others.

In simple terms, it is known to be the involuntary breathing of smoke from different tobacco products.

This happens when tobacco smoke saturates the environment, and people in the immediate vicinity are inhaling it.

Although the person itself is not the one who is smoking, many studies have shown that inhalation of secondhand smoke poses risks to the bystanders, and are even more harmful than firsthand smoke.

This is because the smoke particles in the air are much smaller than the smoke drawn straight from a cigarette, meaning it can go deeper into the lungs of the person inhaling it.

There are scientific evidences that show how frequent exposure to secondhand smoke can cause disability, disease, and ultimately, death.

Because many people realize the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, several public areas such as workplaces, restaurants, night clubs, and bars follow smoking bans.

The short term effects of passive smoking can vary depending on the person's vulnerability to nicotine.

Other people can stay in a room with smokers and not feel any effects at all, while others can only stay in a matter of minutes or hours, and feel ill.

Common short term effects include headache, coughing, nausea, and lethargy to the average person.

These effects could be worse in people who already have health conditions such as asthma, where one could have an asthma attack because of secondhand smoke exposure.

For allergic patients, they could suffer from watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, and more.

There are several harmful long term effects of passive smoking, and this could vary depending on one's exposure to secondhand smoke.

The more frequent one is exposed to environmental smoke, the more chances of getting diseases related to smoking such as lung cancer, heart disease, lung infection, ear infection, asthma, allergies, and many more.

For pregnant women exposed to environmental smoke, they have a higher risk of getting miscarriage and birth defects.

Children who are frequently exposed to secondhand smoke may also face learning difficulties, and they may develop asthma.

As much as possible, if your work or lifestyle entails you to remain in a closed room filled with smokers, don't just sit there and say "Oh, but it's not me who's smoking."

Remember, passive smoking is also dangerous to you, and if you continue to expose yourself to secondhand smoke, then you may experience harmful effects in the long run.

Stay away from smokers as much as possible, and when visiting public places, choose one that has a smoking ban, or at least proceed to the non smoking area.

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Resident Evil 5 Review

Resident Evil 5 Review
By Nikhil Mahajan

Resident Evil 5, the sequel to Resident Evil 4, is the fifth game in the series. It is currently under development but people have started talking of it. What did they heard about it?

Not much about the Resident Evil 5 has been yet revealed by its developer Capcom. Few details have been released about the game.

The concept is believed to be similar to Black Hawk Down. The gameplay as announced by the producer, Jun Takeuchi, will be similar to Resident Evil 4. Then what else will be included in the Resident Evil 5.

It is the most anticipated game of the year and it is not going to be released in 2008 too. Resident Evil 5 was announced in 2005 but its release date is pushed forward sometime in 2009.

Developers had also stated that the darkness concept of Resident Games will diminish. Players can hunt zombies in the sparkling light instead of the dark.

This will be a totally new concept in the series to be introduced through Resident Evil 5. Besides zombies, two new enemies will also be introduced in the game.

They will be different from zombies and ganados in the sense that they will posses more intelligence and weapons than their predecessors.

The plot of the Resident Evil 5 will be set in an Africa. First human being was originated in Africa. But in game, Africa will be shown as the land where viruses were originated. Resident Evil 5 will also feature improved graphics and lightening effects.

Players can go outside at different moments of the day as well as in different weather conditions. Player's ability to work in light and darkness will be based on the real human ability to work under such conditions. In Resident Evil 5, player will take sometime to adjust accordingly as the humans do.

Resident Evil 5 gameplay and controls are highly based on the Biohazard 4. Capcom will announce latest news about the game at E3 conference that is going to be held in July, 2008. There have been issues associated with the Resident Evil 5.

Controversies became part of it before it is released. Resident Evil 5 came under the controversy of racial discrimination. Criticizers concerns about how white man is shown as the hero while black zombies in the African village.

They believe that it is not zombie shown as black but the black Africans shown as zombies which really looks to be.

I think Resident Evil 5 like previous Resident Evil games will be a major hit for the Capcom. The game will surely demonstrate itself.

Resident Evil 5, after being released, will be acclaimed by many reviewers and criticizers despite of few controversies that will become its forgotten past.

I also believe that the issues of racial discrimination shown in Resident Evil 5 will just let the world know what's all happening in Africa and how the people are being treated there.

We all know how dodgy AIDS or HIV could be, and through Resident Evil 5 developers have made the efforts to show the same thing.

So I give full marks to the Resident Evil 5 for the efforts that it will be making to raise the personal standards of the people of Africa directly or indirectly. I hope Resident Evil 5 proves to be super hit.

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