Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 Tips To Keep Hair Healthy And Avoiding Hair Loss

8 Tips To Keep Hair Healthy And Avoiding Hair Loss

Baldness or hair loss is very common problem in adult male, can be occurred at any age of life. This problem is also spreading fast in female also. More than 25% of male are started losing their hair at age of just 30. 

New life style, chemicals, artificial foods and overuse of cosmetic & hair colors promote it more and more early age. Majority of the cases of hair thinning and eventual loss are avoidable. 

It is therefore highly imperative that you get to have adequate tips on how you can prevent hair loss. The following tips will help:

1. Most people ignore the aspect of health eating. You will have to realize that a healthy diet prevents so many problems including the problem of hair. Eat a balanced diet. Nutritional deficiencies, eating disorders and excessive amounts of certain vitamins, such as A and E, can cause hair loss.

2. Never brush wet hair. Your hair is very vulnerable when it is wet. So never attempt to brush your hair in this case. Only when they are more or less dry, start a gentle brushing from the ends and proceed gradually to the roots.

3. Smoking, chewing and eating tobacco will induce many toxin in your body. Alcohol and some drugs can reduce the life of hair. These habits are harmful to body in many ways.

4. The hair style that you will use must actually avoid exaggerated pulling of the hair. If that is done continuously, it will actually lead to a very great damage to the hair shaft. This will later lead to the hair follicle damage, and when that occurs, there will be hair loss.

5. Stay away from harsh chemicals - permanent hair color and perms are the most damaging - and avoid coloring your hair more than once every six to eight weeks.

6. Do not use too much shampoo. Shampoo always seems to be a quick fix. But try to wash your hair less frequently to avoid its harmful effect. In order to smooth it use more conditioner. But remember not to apply it on the scalp, rather put it from the ears down to your hair ends. This is one of the best hair loss treatment.

7. Head massage and acupressure : Proper blood circulation is requires to maintain healthy hair. Massaging the scalp with good ayurvedic hair oil will improve blood circulation and acts as conditioner for your hair. There are several electronics devices for massage, but hands are the best.

8. Zinc is plays an indispensable part in many bodily processes including cell reproduction, protein synthesis and absorption of vitamins. This element prevents hair from thinning, dryness and loss. You will benefit from eating seafood, oatmeal, spinach, sunflower seeds, and champignon mushrooms, which are rich in zinc.

By: Charles Zoe

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