Monday, September 8, 2008

Generating Free Website Traffic

Generating Free Website Traffic
By Ellis Jackson Jr

Creating a website is touch but getting customers is even tougher.

It sure would help if you could get free website traffic to start.

But you can, with the versatility of the world wide web there are several ways for someone to generate free online traffic.

Starting out most people just don't have the capital to really put together a huge ad campaign. It seems hard to compete with the big corporations who buy traffic and flood the market all over the internet with bright, colorful, high graphic ads.

Just how can you compete with that. Easy, just start making friends.

You can take advantage of online forums and communities that are out their.

This gives you a chance to get to know your potential customers and allows you to target a certain type of demographic.

Learn all you can about a certain niche and you will know how to market to them.

This will also give you the opportunity to build a reputation for your website.

You can show them what you are made of and wow them with your expertise.

With this you build trust and trust will bring more traffic to your website.

Sites like Twitter and Linkin are good to find others who share your niche.

They may not have been around as long as Myspace or Facebook but there are growing fast.

With friends like these on the web you are bound to find good leads

Traffic exchanges are another good place to get free website hits.

As you surf other site people are seeing your site.

Plus you can make free banners that will get sent out as others surf linking to what ever page your want.

You can also take make use of newsletters.

Newsletters give you the chance to provide people with a catalog of your products while offering entertaining articles that they can share with others.

The more entertaining the articles the more visitors will sign up giving you even more web traffic.

Trading links with other sites is another good way to get free traffic.

Just find others in your niche and give them a link from your site then see if they will link with you.

Every time someone visits that site it can lead to some of them clicking the link to your site.

One of the best way to get free traffic to your site is using video sites like Youtube and more. Youtube is ranked #4 on sites that get the most hits on the web.

You have the potential to be seen by millions of people world wide if you video is entertaining and exciting enough.

If you get your videos in multiple video sites with links leading back to your site you could find yourself on page one on many search engines in just minutes after you upload your videos giving you free website hits for the keywords you chose.

With all these options you can use them to create a sign up list.

All you need is a simple autoresponder that collect names and emails and offer to give away something free.

It can be your tips about your niche or a free service they can download or whatever.

With your list you can them email them from time to time with offers and updates.

Getting free traffic doesn't have to be hard but it will take some time and patients.

Ones you build up a good reputation your new web friends will start sending you leads and their friends will send your leads and so on.

When your start gaining sales you can then start your own paid campaign

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