Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making Everyday Science Fun For Kids Of All Ages

Making Everyday Science Fun For Kids Of All Ages by Chuck Lunsford

There are many ways that your child can learn about science. A lot of children do not like science because they think it is boring. Science doesn't have to be boring. Here are 5 ways to make science fun.

The 1st way of making science fun is to get everyone in your family involved. One day when it is nice weather take the whole family for a hike. Along the way point out different things and ask your family questions. Then go home and research things you saw on your hike. Find out the science behind what your family saw along their hike. For instance if they saw red rocks or something like that find out what causes rocks to be red rocks. Try to incorporate things into science that you know will spark an interest in your family.

The 2nd way of making science fun is to show an interest in it. Set up a science project night to show your children you are interested in learning more about science. If your family sees that you are not interested in science they are not going to show much interest. But if you act like you want to learn more about the earth or the stars or whatever it is. Your family will have a better chance of wanting to learn more. Just make sure that you show interest. This will help your family be more excited about science and what it has to offer.

The reason your family will be more excited about science is because they can relate with you about what they are doing in science and will know that you are interested and want to hear what they have to say.

The 3rd way of making science fun is to figure out different ways of doing something. For example say you want to learn more about fish. Don't just get on the internet or get a book. Take your family to the aquarium and look at all of the fish then go and do some research and figure out why certain fish are the way they are. This will help make science fun because you and your family are actually getting into it and finding out more.

The 4th way of making science fun is to do hands on experiments and science projects. For example, say your family wants to learn about the wind and how it affects things. Get a kite and get your family out and fly it. Fly the kite in different kinds of winds and then do some research. This will help you and your family relates things to science that you are learning by actually taking the time to do it. This is a way to make science fun.

The 5th way of making science fun is to discuss science while doing science projects, before an outing, after seeing science in action, etc. If you discuss with your children what they are learning they will have more fun. Discuss the outcomes of science projects that you do together. If you take the time to discuss science it will be more fun because your children will be more excited about what they are learning.

There are many ways to make science fun. You just have to get out there and find them. You know what your family is interested in and what they have fun doing. So incorporate science ideas into your family activities. Your family won't even know that you are teaching them about science because they are having fun. They will just think that you planned a family activity. Make sure to keep it light and fun and not stressful and boring.

It is very important that your children learn as much as they can about science. Learning as much as they can, when it comes to science will help them in their daily lives. Science helps with problem solving and other skills that your children will need. So make science as fun as you can