Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4 Steps For A Natural Colon Cleanse

4 Steps For A Natural Colon Cleanse by Alexandra Perry

Colon cleansing is when you clean your colon and is essential to good health. When toxins remain in your colon you will find that they are reabsorbed back into the body. This gives rise to sickness and poor health. Many people are not aware of the hidden poisons within them and do not take care of this important part of the body.

There are several reasons that your colon gets clogged with toxins. One of the main causes is constipation. This is when stool gets stuck in the colon and gets hard and impacted. The longer feces get stuck in the colon the more they dry up and can eventually get impacted. Foods and more waste get built up behind the hard stool and levels of toxins start to rise. This makes your health deteriorate and lays your body wide open to serious illnesses like cancer.

Colon cleansing can be something as small as taking laxatives to remove impacted stool or something larger like Colonic irrigation. It should always be accompanied by good dietary habits. Here are 4 steps to keep your colon clean and in good health:

1. Start with a good diet:

Make sure you cut down or even eliminate junk foods. Replace them with fruits and vegetables. Try to eat less refined foods and more whole grain ones. These two food groups will give you more fiber and help your colon to evacuate feces in a faster more regular manner. Evacuation of stool should take place at least once per day. This will eliminate toxins and keep your colon clean. Refined foods are a number one cause for sluggish colon movements.

2. Drink more water:

Water is a very important part of your diet. It will help your body to flush out impurities and toxins from your body. It will also help to prevent constipation, by keeping the stool from drying out. Water is essential for your entire body to work smoothly. You need to drink about 8 glasses of fluid per day. Try to make sure that most of this is water.

3. Be sure you are not constipated:

Constipation is a more serious problem than most people realize. It gives rise to feces blocking your colon and releasing toxins back into your system. When it becomes too bad it can even result in a dangerous condition of fecal impaction. This is when the stool dries in the colon and becomes a solid rock that is almost impossible to evacuate. Try to follow the dietary changes above to alleviate this problem before it gets worse.

4. Exercise regularly:

it is important for your entire body to exercise regularly. This can range from concentrated exercises using equipment to brisk daily walks. It will depend on your lifestyle and age what you will do. When you exercise regularly you will keep all your muscles and organs working well. This will include your colon.