Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Symptoms Of Bird Flu

Symptoms Of Bird Flu by Ashish Jain

Whether man is on the nature-conquering spree or the nature is on the spree of subduing the humanity? Who is the master and who's whose servant? Technology or man? Can the push-button comforts provide relief to all your miseries? Have you conquered all the diseases, identified all the viruses so that you can ravel in a state of perfect health? Then why do you have these symptoms, which your doctor has identified as bird flu?

You have been giving something to the dear birds, in the form of cruelty, since time immemorial. Now it is the turn of birds to repay you in the same coin, with compound interest! Air space is free for the birds and migration from one part of the globe to another part, is their birth right.

The virus is found in the bird's intestines. Even in the birds,the symptoms are not severe as such. Buy you see in poultry farms the way in which the birds are handled—they are packed closely together with chicken and turkeys—thus man helps the cause of rapid spread of the latest disease called bird flu—to give it a more trendy name, avian influenza!

A general alert was sounded in health circles all over the world, when the mutated variety of the bird flu virus, H5N1 showed its teeth. That was in the year 2003. The infected poultry led to several human infections.

About 50% of the affected died. The other 50%, turned temporary vegetarians, and inspired many others to follow suit!

The mode of infection, is simple. Come into contact with the bird's saliva, faces or nasal secretions—and you certainly have it instantly.

The other birds which come into similar contacts have no chance of survival. As for human beings, if protective measure are not taken, become susceptible to the disease.Some of the symptoms are identified.

As regards the other symptoms the usual guess work is going on. In birds, the virus H5N1 causes diarrhea,, excessive shedding, a swollen head and difficulty in breathing. How will you take note of these symptoms unless you are a bird expert? --so far you have been the expert in eating the flesh and drinking the blood(soup) of the birds only.

Some more symptoms are, fever sore throat, muscle ache, chest pain, lethargy, cough and headache. If the infection has taken a serious turn in you, the following symptoms would indicate that state: eye infections, acute respiratory problems, pneumonia, inflammation of the heart and inflammation in the brain.

Immediate hospitalization in the case of severe symptoms is not only advisable but absolutely necessary. Human to human help is most welcome, but not at this time when your H5N1 virus is waiting for the opportune moment to take hold of the person who is coming to help you. So, avoid all contacts and let a trained health worker handle the precious cargo!

I told you several times, about the necessary to have clean habits, and not to eat non-vegetarian food in all those joints. Hope you come out of this phase of suffering successfully!