Friday, November 21, 2008

3 Health Tips For Your Kids

3 Health Tips For Your Kids
By Sue Baker

The health of children is a major issue in the US and UK not only for each individual family but also for the governments.

More and more children are falling prey to bad eating habits and are suffering from childhood obesity.

What can be done to ensure that they don't end up developing a huge potbelly and protect their health?

Here are 3 health tips for your kids to help them avoid obesity problems in both childhood and when they become adults.

1. Start training them early:

Training your kids on how to lead a healthy life should start early. When they are very young teach them healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Avoid putting sugary products on their soother or giving them sweet snacks and sugary drinks just for an easy life.

If you train them in good health right from an early age, they would be able to make health choices for themselves when they become older.

Some parents indulge their children with unhealthy foods when they are young and then can't understand why they won't eat fresh fruits and vegetables when they are older. Parents should encourage children to eat healthy foods right from the start!

2. Eat as a family:

A family which eats together stays healthy together. It is common practice nowadays for parents to eat separately or in front of the television set. It is far better to sit round the table as a family so that you can ensure that they are following the healthy eating habits that you have taught them.

Eating as a family has the added advantage of each person having the opportunity to discuss their day and for you to know if there are any problems to be addressed. Share all your ups and downs!

Children also learn about social skills required for when they grow up. It has been found in the UK that a number of children entering primary school for the first time do not even know how to use a knife and fork because they are so used to eating pizza or other finger foods in front of the TV. How sad is that?

3. Be a role model for your kids:

How can you expect your kids to follow your advice if you do not practice what you preach. Practice what you preach; your kids too will follow you! Children, especially very young children imitate their parents and copy what they do. If they see you following a healthy and perfect lifestyle they will more than likely, do the same.

Keep in mind that kids, even though younger in age than you, are not fools! They see and understand more than what you think. By walking the talk and living a healthy lifestyle yourself, you will not only serve as a role model for your kids, but also improve your own health condition!

Get them involved with meal planning, preparing the meal, and cooking it with close supervision and according to their age. Teach then well and let them make healthy choices for their own lunch boxes.

Even if your kids follow any unhealthy eating habit, you can rectify it early before it turns into a bad habit!

Follow these three easy tips to ensure that your kids have the knowledge to be able to start to live healthily throughout their entire life!

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