Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Domain Name Search – How To Find Your Treasure

Domain Name Search – How To Find Your Treasure
By Zach Bastick

The domain name search is the secret pass-time of future millionaires. This might sound like a bold statement to make, but domain name search, and investing, is one of the safest and least known methods of gaining financial assets today.

I was reading a study on millionaire attitudes the other day, and it turns out that most millionaires are just good investors.

Sure, some of them started off with a good idea; and sure, some of them had experience in their industry – but the fact is that investment is the fastest way to pave the road to wealth.

But unlike traditional millionaires, you do not need a ‘good idea’ when using domain name search techniques, and you certainly don’t need experience in your industry when carrying out a domain name search.

Yet once you find that golden domain name, you can pretty much be set for a very long time.
A typical domain name search has many facets. Before starting your domain name search, you should identify a popular niche.

A ‘niche’ is a subject matter which you will be focusing your domains on. This is not to imply that you should only have a few domain name niches; instead, you should have many. For example, before we start the domain name search, we might identify ‘football’, ‘cooking’, and ‘first names’ as our niches.

You can choose any topic you want, just be sure to choose niches which interest you (your interest in a niche translates to interest in your business, and hence will provide base-motivation that you will need to identify names in your domain name search).

As soon as you have a few different categories, draft a list of about 5-10 more specialized terms for each niche (we will use this to extend our domain name search later on).

These can be sub-categories or simply different terms for the same niche. Under our ‘cooking’ niche, we could draft ‘thai cooking’, ‘french cooking’, etc. and under our first names niche we could draft ‘boy names’, ‘animal names’, etc.

As soon as you have drafted a substantial list, we can start our domain name search.
The actual process of the domain name search differs according to the various techniques which may be used.

Some very successful domain name search experts simply check for the availability of names manually. Others use domain name search tools, and others still use highly effective comparative keyword research methods. This later domain name search technique is the most reliable.

It will provide high quality domain names that have a certain known amount of interest in the topic. It is also recommend to stay away from domain name search tools.

These tend to only find poor domains (valued under $20 apiece), and the domain name search tools nevertheless cost around $70-$400 to purchase. The most reliable domain name search methods are always manual, and always involve a small amount of time – but the pay off is big