Thursday, March 27, 2008

Comedian Pauly Shore coming to Funny Bone Comedy Club

Comedian Pauly Shore coming to Funny Bone Comedy Club
By DEREK HALSEY For The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON -- "Let's knock it out, bro," said comedian Pauly Shore, with his usual goofy enthusiasm.

As he talks to The Herald-Dispatch, he is in New York City promoting the release of his new comedy DVD called "Natural Born Komics: Miami," and preparing to visit Huntington for a three-night run at the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Pullman Square.

Shore will perform two shows, 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m., tonight and Saturday, and there will be a single 7 p.m. show Sunday. The ticket prices are $25 for the Friday and Saturday night shows, and $20 for the Sunday night show. For more information, call (304) 781-1000.

Shore has been around comedy his whole life, growing up watching the performers who worked at his mom's famous club, Mitzi Shore's The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. He then blasted onto the scene with his four-year show on MTV in the early 1990s called "Totally Pauly." That led to a series of comedy movies a few years later that are still shown on TV around the world, including "In The Army Now," "Bio-Dome," "Jury Duty," and "Encino Man." There has been a spate of similar comedy movies released in the past few years, something that is not lost on Shore.

"Well, I've always been the innovator, you know. I'm Mister Pauly Shore," said the comedian, tongue-in-cheek. "I guess in life there are the doers, and the doers not. Does that make any sense? People that motivate or they don't. I'm no different than any other person in the game. There's Will Smith, and there's Brad Pitt, and there's everyone else. I'm everyone else."
Shore's new DVD, "Natural Born Komics: Miami," takes on many kinds of humor.

"It's a sketch comedy movie," said Shore. "It's hidden camera. It's stand up. It's parody. Man on the street. It's sketch. The whole thing."

Shore has also filmed a new comedy movie in Africa that will be released later this year called "Adopted."

"Last summer, I was flown down to South Africa to do some stand up shows, and about a month out, the promoter e-mailed me and said, 'The shows are sold out. It's doing really well,'" said Shore. "Then, I convinced him to cut me a check for $100,000 to do a movie in Africa where I go there to adopt a child like Angelina and Madonna and make fun of that whole situation. But, I also wanted to show Africa in a really positive light, as opposed to the way we see it with AIDS and famine and disease. I wanted to show happiness there."

As for coming to Huntington to perform, Shore loves to travel the country and make people laugh.

"You know what, my body and my mind are kind of cued up to constantly be on the road, so I like being on the road," he said. "I don't like to be in one place for too long because then you'll get caught. You know what I mean? Just keeping it real, bro. I'll go off on everything. There's a lot to be talked about."