Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fitness Tips For Beginners

Fitness Tips For Beginners

We want to be physically fit to perform various activities with strength and energy. We want to lose extra pounds and lose fats in certain areas. Any various form of fitness exercise is good, as long as done properly and not in excess. We give you few fitness tips to achieve that new and healthier you, minus the injuries and other risks.

Consult a health professional.
It does not hurt to consult a doctor before doing any physically demanding activities because like they say, prevention is better than cure. A professional can explain your body’s condition and how well or less likely it can respond to physical stress. Doing a check-up will assure your body’s capability and determine the possible health risks posed by an exercise you plan to take. Among other fitness tips, this ensures safety and avoids health risks in the end.

Warm up and stretch.
Proper warm up and stretching exercises prepares the muscles in anticipating a strenuous activity. People sometimes overlook the importance of warming up and stretching before any exercise, which can seriously lead to injuries. One great fitness tip is to do a less strenuous version of the exercise you are planning to do. Warm up and stretching exercises prepare the muscles to gradually increase its heart rate and build on avoiding lactic acid formation which cause soreness and tiredness of the muscles. Maintain a 5-10 minute warm up exercises before any fitness program exercises.

Drink plenty of fluids.
For individuals who engage in fitness programs, dehydration serves as one of the main problems encountered. The serious problem of dehydration entails continuous loss of water, a component which composes 78% of our body, through perspiration. Drinking lots of fluids is one fitness tip to keep in mind to avoid suffering from dehydration and restore the amount of water available for the body’s use.

Work with a fitness partner.
Working with a fitness partner is important if you lack supervision from a professional trainer. A fitness buddy can act as a spotter, motivator, or supervise you when you are not doing the proper exercises or maybe over-training. It is also beneficial to exercise with a fitness partner to hone a healthy relationship while having fun.

Wear the right kind of clothing and footwear.
Proper gear and equipment should be used while exercising. In this case, the proper attire, both clothing and footwear is essential in performing any exercise. Appropriate apparel ensure comfort and allows movement during the exercise, while wearing the right kind of shoe that is fitted perfectly will provide needed support and avoid possible injuries.

Know your limitations.
Sometimes we tend to overwork our body thinking that there are few more pounds to lose, we push ourselves to the limit, disregarding the fact that our body has its own limitations. Resting is good because it allows the muscles to recover from a strenuous exercise. Signs of overworked muscle includes soreness and discomfort which leads to burnouts and fatigue. Try to work at your own pace, ensuring that you do not overwork in a fitness regimen which in the end can cause serious injuries.

These are just some fitness tips you may want to consider in any Fitness program you want to pursue. Remember that the body has its own limitations. Work with what you know and have to achieve the maximum benefits of a healthy fitness routine.

By: Annice
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