Sunday, February 3, 2008

Student Loans Consolidation – Eradicate Debt From Your Life

Student Loans Consolidation – Eradicate Debt From Your Life by Apurvashree

If you are looking at ways and means to bring your outstanding student debt under control then opt for student loans consolidation. This is the best way in which students under huge debts can easily slip out of debt and start managing their household in a responsible manner in future as well. Student debt consolidation is no magic wand. It is a constructive and practical solution to all student debt problems like default in payments, delay in payments, part payments, mismanaged funds, and the like. Student loans consolidation helps you in taking firm steps towards debt control and ultimate relief.

There are several clearly evident benefits of student loans consolidation. The first and most important benefit is that your interest rate reduces to less than half after consolidation. This happens because of the weighted average interest rate. When you take loans during your studies you hardly ever notice the interest rate charged on the amount taken as loan. This is a common feature with credit card loans. These interest rates keep accumulating on the principal amount and become a huge burden by the time you join service. After consolidation of your loan amount the average rate of interest is calculated after clubbing all interest rates. This rate is halved and then the fixed installments decided; which you have to pay every month. You make a big saving on your earlier payments and you also pay less in net terms as well.

The other benefit of student loans consolidation is that your monthly installment becomes very less. When you are paying your installments in a haphazard way you are almost living hand to mouth and you have to revise your budget every now and then. After consolidation, the principal amount is spread out over a period of 20 to 30 years thereby reducing the installment considerably. It is the duty of the consolidating company to bring the installment within your reach so that you can easily pay off the installment every month and save for your household expenses as well.

It is the dream of every student under debt to qualify for student federal loan consolidation. The reason is that a federal consolidation has many advantages over any other form of student loans consolidation. When you qualify for federal loans you get many benefits like prepayments without penalties, flexible repayment plans, subsidized interest rates, no credit checks, no fee charged for consolidation, longer duration of loan, and you need not supply proof of income to secure a loan also.

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