Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Donate a Used Vehicle

Donate a Used Vehicle

Selling a used vehicle can be tougher than you think. In order to sell your car, you would first let people know that your car is available for sale, which means you would need to get an ad out or make phone calls to get the word out.

It does not end there! Once your car does get noticed, you will have to tolerate the incessant phone calls at any time of the day, and finally, you have to take time from your busy schedule to show your car to potential buyers.

If the deal falls through them the whole process repeats itself, and it may take a long time to find a buyer. Then, when a deal does get sealed, there is the hassle of getting the paperwork sorted out to get the car to the next owner.

Keeping in mind all these hassles, is it really worth going through all this to get your car sold? Why not consider donating your car to a charitable organization which you find worthy? Not only will you be doing a great deed, but you will also be able to enjoy a tax reduction which may be of more value to you than the money that you might make from selling your car.

Despite all this, it would still be wise for you to ask yourself when the right time for you to donate your vehicle is. You should consider donating your vehicle when you want to make a worthy contribution to a charitable or non-profit organization. Donate your vehicle when you realize that selling it would be a difficult task.

Furthermore, when you sell your vehicle it would be of much lesser cost than the retail value; thus, it could be possible for your tax benefit to outweigh your vehicle resale value. The best part of donating your vehicle is that you do not need to spend extra on advertising and the hassle of selling!

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