Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How To Meet Someone With A Love Letter?

How To Meet Someone With A Love Letter? by Catherine Preth@Janing

Getting to meet someone using a note or letter is probably one of the oldest forms of meeting and getting to know someone. In this electronic day and age, writing a physical letter is rather rare. A lot of people will dismiss this method as archaic and ineffective. I beg to differ. In fact, I believe it has become even more relevant and more significant in our very connected world.

The fundamental reason for this is that in writing a physical form, it takes effort to write one. In my research and interviews with people, one of the most attractive ingredients in written communication which ‘sweeps the recipient off his or her feet”, so to say, is the effort put into developing the love letter.

Writing a love letter for the purpose of meeting someone is rather difficult and different from writing to someone whom you already know. With someone you know, there are many events, feelings and shared moments which you can develop a letter from. However, with someone you have not met, this becomes rather difficult. So how do we even start? Actually, all you have to do is become aware of the other person.

I would like to provide you with some tips here. I will assume the other person is a female but the same thing works for a male.

1.That person must have caught your eye at a moment’s instance. What was it? Was it her beauty? Was it the way she speaks? Or was it her view point of the topic of discussion? Once you know what the thing is, then you need to delve more in-depth into that one area of focus. If it is the way she talks, then is it her accent that attracted you? Or was it the way she speaks the language? Perhaps she uses ‘old’ English which is a refreshing departure of standard conversational English. This is important because the finer the details about her that you can observe,and highlight when you write that love letter, the more it will truly astonish her that you picked up such details.

2. One word of caution, avoid any attributes which can be interpreted as sexual in nature. You only need to focus on one thing that strikes you. There may be more than one thing but you should choose just one. You do not want to overwhelm the other person. You may be labeled as a ‘freak’ if you do.

3. Now, let’s move to writing that masterpiece. If you know her name, then use it. The letter will become more personal. Use first names if possible. If you do not know her name, then a simple ‘Hi’ would do. Do not use ‘Dear’. You want to write a letter that is not that formal.

4. Never write an anonymous letter. In our day, it may be construed as a stalker. You do not want that. In the old days where meeting people was not so fast and efficient, an anonymous admirer is like a novelty and brings enormous joy and happiness to the recipient. Today, this is no longer an acceptable approach.

5. Sign off with your full name and not just ‘Joe’. With your full name, you also send a message to the recipient that you are a decent person. And don’t forget your cell number and email.

6. You must keep your love letter short. Begin your letter by introducing yourself. Just say your name and then state where you noticed her. Followed by what attracted you about her.7. End the love letter by saying that you hope to be able to have the opportunity to ‘bump’ into her again. It is even better to state where you would love to ‘bump’ into her. Don’t be too forward to ask for a meeting or date.8. Then finally, sign off with your full name and details.

If she is interested, she will keep your number and contact. Give her to option to accept or reject your ‘hidden’ proposition.

This love letter can be used in many scenarios – even in a spontaneous situation. For example, it could be in a pub and you noticed her with her friends. Instead of intruding, perhaps a quick ‘write’ on a piece of paper and then handing it over to her personally would be a good choice. Or it could be a company or a business function, where you were involved in a group discussion and it was difficult to talk to her personally. If she is a frequent visitor to a place where you go, then the situation is even better because it gives you more time to prepare to send the love letter. So try out this method and be astonished at how well it works. Happy writing!

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